Apply for any of my properties by clicking here - The application costs money ($35 for the first adult) and there are no refunds, so please call me first! 


If you have some credit or criminal record issues, please call me.


IMPORTANT: I have to rent properties according to the owners’ directives and there are no such thing as “dibs”.  It is imperative that you contact me immediately before paying for your application--like 5 minutes before.  You should also be clear on what the particular owner requires in that particular property, and your ‘approvability’.  I don’t hold properties and I don’t call interested persons to tell them their place is about to get rented from under them.  Your only guarantee is to check first, apply, be approved, then without delay, sign and return the lease and pay the deposit.  I will allow reasonable time and do my best to make it go smooth and logical.


We manage (not own) about 60 rental units and we can get busy at times.  Please bear with me, but do not hesitate to call again if you don’t get a timely enough response.


Most of our tenants love Hoff Management because we are fair, respectful, we fix stuff, and we enjoy our jobs.  References are available :)


        -Jim Hoff





Helpful links:

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